DG'S is the best quality tyre sealant on the market, it'll save you down time & money. #dgspreventaflat

DG'S Prevent A Flat tyre sealant is an exciting, well-established Australian brand of tyre sealants that operate out of Central Victoria & Western Australia. 

We are a Family owned & operated business with many years of experience in the industry. We have a large number of sales representatives all over Australia, with over 1500 suppliers over Australia & New Zealand. 

We believe in our product, we pride ourselves on delivering service at the highest standards and our quality products speak for themselves. DG's Prevent A Flat tyre sealant was developed to seal punctures as they happen, with the technical assistance of more than 10 different companies & organisations. Laboratory tested & user proven, it is the leader in its field and is committed to creating products that are safe for our customers, their tyres and also the environment. 

DG's Preventaflat stays a liquid for the life of the tyre. It is injected into your tyre through the valve stem; unlike other sealants, DG’S doesn’t clog the valve core - causing no interference of airflow. DG's fibre and filler mixture continually plugs most air leaks as they occur, for the life of the tyres legal tread, so you won't even notice a puncture has occurred in most cases therefore, arriving at your destination safely - no flat, no stopping.  

Heat build up is the number #1 cause of destruction of tyres. DG's Preventaflat tyre sealant has been tested and proven to reduce that heat build-up, prolonging the life of the tyre. DG'S is a specifically designed tyre sealant, with 34 ingredients among them; glycol acting as a coolant; also has a rust inhibitor and metal lubricant included in our mixture, along with special fibres which play an essential part in the sealing and cooling process. 

It seals tread area punctures up to 6mm in diameter, also rim and bead leaks off vehicle in tubeless heavy duty tyres. 

Reduces flats - 80% to 90% in tubeless tyres. 

Reduces flats - 80% to 90% in tube type tyres. 

Air pressure loss is greatly minimised by its brilliant sealing power & most the time you won't even know a puncture has occured - No downtime.

Unlike most of our competitors, DG’S does not