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Its easily installed and easily removed. Wash the tyre out with water before retreating. Wipe puncture area with a wet rag before patching.

How To Apply In Presta valve

Step 1

Remove wheel from bicycle

Step 2

Remove tube from bicycle

Step 3 - Remove the Nut

Use a pair of pliers to remove the nut from the thin threaded visible portion of the valve. The threads may have been crimped a little to prevent the nut coming off accidentally. Put the nut aside in a safe place because you will be putting it back onto this thin stud.

Step 4 - Allow the Valve Core to drop in to the Tube.

Allow the valve core to fall into the tube. Blow on the end of the valve stem a little to inflate the tube enough that the valve core can fall into the tube.

Step 5

Use a brass Schrader to Presta converter and screw it on to the presta valve.

Step 6

Prepare to Pump in the DGs Prevent A Flat by shaking the bottle

Prevent A Flat comes with a clear plastic tube inbuilt of the lid for connecting the bottle to the tire valve stem. It is sized for a Shrader valve.

Step 7

Attach the clear plastic tube from the bottle of DGs Prevent A Flat to the brass converter onto the stem of the Presta valve. - Add the recommended amount of DGs

Step 8: Find the Valve Core

The valve core is easy to locate inside the tube. It settles into the lowest part of the tube. Pinch along the length of the tube until you feel the valve core. You may be able to make it fall back toward the valve stem, but then you will need to locate it again. You will need to move it along part of the way. This means you pinch the tube against the end of the valve core more distant from the stem. Then pinch and push some of the tube in front of the other end of the valve and grasp the front end of the valve. Release the pinch at the rear. Pinch where the rear of the valve is now.

Step 9

Once the valve core is at the base of the valve Tip and Push the Valve Into Place

If you can’t see the thread of the valve core give it a shake or tap the valve and the thread should appear.

Step 10 - Put the Nut Back in Place

Pull the threaded end of the valve out as far as possible. Catch and hold it with a fingernail. Twist the nut back onto the valve core's threaded end. 

Step 11

Put the tube back in to the tire.

Inspect the tube is not caught between the tyre and inner wall of the wheel.

Step 12 - Inflate tyre to the desired pressure.

Make sure the valve is at the top ( 12 o’clock) when you inflate to stop the blow out of DGs Prevent A Flat.

Job complete.

Installing DG'S Prevent A Flat